AoC Students Prepare for Performance at Annual Gorilla Naming Ceremony

For 2009, the “Year of the Gorilla”, Art of Conservation wanted to make sure to make our presence known at Kwita Izina, Rwanda’s annual naming ceremony for the year’s new baby mountain gorillas. Over the years, Kwita Izina has grown from a small grassroots event to an international celebration of Rwanda’s most treasured natural asset.

Art of Conservation, which has its core mission the goal helping the people who live near the gorillas to live healthier lives so that both the human and animal populations can be healthy, want to stress the interconnectedness of the gorillas and the Rwandan people at Kwita Izina.

Art of Conservation has been working on a song and dance performance with our 150 school students called Mu Birunga (In Virunga referring to the home of the gorillas the Virunga Massiff) which serves to deepen the understanding of the connection between people and mountain gorillas.

Our students recently auditioned to perform Mu Birunga in the June 20th Kwita Izina ceremony. District leaders watched the kids perform and were impressed enough to invite them to participate.

Since then, the kids have been working hard to perfect their performance for the big day.

Girls at Nyabitsinde Primary School practice the routine. Photo by Molly Feltner.

Julie demonstrates the dance steps. Photo by Molly Feltner.

District leaders are pleased with the song and dance. Photo by Molly Feltner.

Students practice entering and exiting the stage. Photo by Molly Feltner.

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  1. Vince
    Posted June 14, 2009 at 5:38 pm | Permalink

    Oh! Thank you Julie for the interesting post,you’re rigth both the human and animal populations can be healthy, i am sure that people living nearest the park understand now how Staying Healthy. Wow AoC students prepared for perfomance at Gorilla naming ceremony, wonderful it was so much fun! i really appreciate your work! keep continue!


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