Meet Olivier!

Please welcome Olivier Habimana – the newest member of the AoC team.

Photo by Molly Feltner.  feltner_aoc_021010_083Olivier helps break the ice during the first week of classes with a little Hokey Pokey set to the backdrop of the Virunga Massiff. Photo by Molly Feltner.

Olivier was born in the Western Province of Rwanda. He attended the National University of Rwanda and has been employed as a teacher. Most recently, Olivier participated in a nationwide training of primary and secondary school teachers in English Language Studies – a much needed skill set in Rwanda as the country tries to establish itself in the global economy and the English-speaking East Africa Community. Teachers across Rwanda are scrambling to meet the mandate to teach classes in English.

Olivier with Valerie at Nyange Primary School. Photo by Molly Feltner.feltner_aoc_021010_141Olivier with Valerie at our first day at Nyange Primary School. Photo by Molly Feltner.

Olivier has served as students’ representative in the National University’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Project Staff Manager, Olivier Habimana.  AoC Rwanda. 2010Welcome, Olivier!

I am very pleased to have such a kind and honest individual working with us. I am certain he will inspire our students and all the people his work touches.

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  1. Posted February 12, 2010 at 9:33 pm | Permalink

    Welcome to the team Olivier!! I hope you have a wonderful time with the children and the AOC team!

  2. Rebecca, Australia
    Posted February 13, 2010 at 5:40 pm | Permalink

    Welcome Oliver!
    With a smile like that I dont think he’ll have any trouble inspiring everyone he meets

  3. Posted February 15, 2010 at 7:34 am | Permalink

    Dear Oliver,

    Welcome from New York! And congratulations on joining Julies team. We all have great respect for what she and AoC are doing. Hope to meet you someday.
    Best of luck to you,
    Cheryl Stockton

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