Planting Trees: 4

We’ve come to our last group of children to put trees in the ground for this week. We will continue planting trees and flowers throughout the year, but this week was a concentrated effort to get all our students involved and understanding the importance of trees.

Tree planting at Nyange School.  AoC 2011.Angelique holds a seedling ready to be planted in the nearby woodlot.

Hirwa and Eusebe planting trees. AoC 2011.AoC’s Eusebe helps Hirwa with his seedling.

After planting trees. AoC 2011.It’s all thumbs up for today’s activities.

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2 comments on “Planting Trees: 4

  1. Nicole on said:

    Yay nothing makes me happier than to see children planting trees! Thank you Julie and the AOC Team!!

  2. artforgorillas on said:

    thanks, nicole!!!

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