Team Rwanda Cycling Inspires The Children

Members from Team Rwanda Cycling arrived at the Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club one recent afternoon for an after school talk with the children and Coach Tony. I had asked Jock Boyer, their coach, if they could make a stop by the courts to mentor our tennis and running kids. So on this day, waiting anxiously, the children happily greeted the riders and Kimberly Coats, the director of marketing and logistics, as they came strolling in!
AoC's-Sports-for-Gorillas with Team-Rwanda, 22 February 2012 Art of ConservationAs a homework assignment, I asked the children to write 3 or more questions they would like to ask of Team Rwanda cyclists. Here, the riders look at the list of questions.

It did not take long until the children and riders were chatting back and forth with excellent dialogue. After a child asked his/her question, Kimberly gave the child a new pair of socks and the rider that responded gave he/she a signed photograph!

AoC's Sports-for-Gorillas with Team-Rwanda, 22 February 2012 Art of ConservationTennis player Valence asks the riders about their diet, training, cost of the bikes, what to do when they need to relieve themselves during a long race, and more.

The cyclists reinforced the importance of teamwork and presenting themselves as ambassadors of Rwanda while in country and traveling abroad.

AoC's-Sports-for-Gorillas with Team-Rwanda, 22 February 2012 Art of ConservationThe riders held a captive audience!

The sun was quickly setting yet the questions kept coming. Once I gave the sign that it was time to stop, the children disappeared to the toilets to throw on their costumes. Back on the courts, children danced and sang to their new found heroes!

AoC's-Sports-for-Gorillas withTeam-Rwanda, 22 February 2012. Art of ConservationTennis player Evariste during their performance for Team Rwanda Cycling.

Thanks Jock, Kimberly, and Team Rwanda! We’ll keep cheering you on and best of luck! Come back!

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  1. Amy Clanin
    Posted February 24, 2012 at 9:55 am | Permalink

    This is really wonderful, Julie! A very special thanks to Team Rwanda!

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