Our Health is Important for Gorilla Health

Hi, Valerie here with another lesson on staying healthy. Children listen as I read aloud, Wash your body, ears, and teeth every day. Our discussion covers a lot of information that our students really need. That is why we also bring a number of materials to help our students understand better. Some of the materials are what a student may find in their local health clinic! We remind them that we are teachers, not doctors, and our objective is to introduce to them some of the items found in their health clinic so they can feel comfortable in case they would get sick and have to go to a clinic. Gloves, masks, gauze, cleaning solutions for minor cuts, ointment for bugs bites and poison ivy, topical antibiotics, female sanitary products, and more. And guess what? We of course have a large tooth model for our children to see up close before we teach them how to properly brush their teeth!

Wash your body, ears, and teeth every day.  Valerie teaching.  Art of Conservation 2012After demonstrating how to properly brush my teeth, I remind our students to spit out the toothpaste after use instead of swallowing it! This is what our big red plastic basin is for today.

Nyange B, Class 6.  Valerie with students brushing their teeth.  Art of Conservation 2012Looking at themselves in mirrors, our students have fun brushing their teeth!

After each student takes turn brushing his/her teeth, we ask the children if they will stop brushing their teeth in case they run out of a toothpaste and toothbrush – oyaaa! – meaning – no – and gosh! Some of them already know how to use the leaves of a plant locally known as “umuhwahura” which is an alternative to the modern tools and easy to obtain! We discuss with them about more traditional alternatives like a twig of a tree sharpened on one end and chewed on the other to serve as both toothpick and toothbrush. As a result, we come up with an agreement that there is no reason at all of not brushing our teeth because we want to have good oral hygiene to stay healthy!

Rushubi B, Class 6, 27 February 2012.  Art of Conservation 2012With pleasure, each of our students goes home with a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush.

More coming soon.

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