Many Bumpy Roads to Travel – AoC Outreach

From Olivier

Art of Conservation’s continued outreach efforts to additional schools and communities around Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park occurred recently at G.S. Rwinzovu and the Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club. We left the AoC office at 7:00 sharp and drove to G.S. Rwinzovu – this faraway public school. The team and I reserved from commenting on the school since we didn’t know much about it even if we visited it two years ago. Instead we talked about the haze, fog, chill, rain, and the bumpy road which is described by tourists as an African massage. People along the road greeted us.

Finally, reaching the school, school leaders, teachers, and children happily greeted us. Once inside the classroom, children were very happy to receive AoC notebooks and pencils which they started using straightaway jotting down the important elements of our discussion. Children followed our staying healthy lesson attentively and learned how their good/bad health has a direct impact on mountain gorilla conservation. Some teachers attended and they were also happy to have such a nice day responding that they liked the AoC program very much. Our class was fun and really enjoyable.

Children add information in their new notebooks about mountain gorillas and their habitat.

We also reached out to the Ibirunga Children’s Tennis Team recently as we usually do every month. The weather was nice and we sat on grass mats. This workshop focused on the many jobs that involve the protection of the mountain gorillas which we supported with visuals. Children then drew themselves doing one of the jobs that they aspire to. They also drew a picture of an animal in his/her natural habitat with a warning to not destroy the environment. It was a really interesting class.

Children follow our discussion while looking at visuals and learning about different jobs that involve mountain gorillas protection.

Stay tuned for more news!

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