Hard To Say Good-Bye To Such Special Children

From Julie
From Julie

As Olivier shared in his previous blog, our 2012 conservation and health education students are graduating from a fantastic year of learning. As I look through photographs I’ve taken I think how much these children have matured and how much I will miss them. While it is difficult to ‘track’ each and every past AoC student, we are doing our best to follow their progress and will keep you informed as well.

Innocent calls the name of each student to come up and receive their decorated envelope containing maps, worksheets, drawings, and more.

Our scheduled Parents as Partners Open House at Rushubi met us with heavy afternoon rain. Instead of gathering outside in the school yard, we manage to squeeze parents, guardians, and students into a classroom.

Students perform a skit with messages of following daily hygiene habits to stay healthy.

Weeks before the open houses, we requested the students to create a few entertainment pieces with a condition that they have something to do with the lessons learned at AoC. To our great satisfaction, the children come up with insightful renditions of conservation and health education exercises.

Sweet student Pascal reads a heartfelt poem about what he has learned and felt during AoC classes.

Well, I know my team and I will fall in love with next years kids, but it’s sad to say goodbye to these children.

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