Rwanda Tennis Federation Visits AoC’s Sports for Gorillas Initiatives

From Olivier

Fidele Bayama Kamanzi, Technical Advisor to Rwanda Tennis Federation (RTF), recently paid a visit to the Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club. He arrived with his tennis racket and had an energy about him that was undeniably positive. We introduced Mr. Kamanzi to all of the children. He said to the kids, “I want to make tennis and its benefits known to as many people as possible and promote children like you because you hold promise and inspiration to others. You may become future coaches so keep your job up and strive for being the best you possibly can be.”

Fidele visits Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club.  Art of Conservation 2012I (left) listened to Mr. Kamanzi (middle) share RTF’s program and what they need from us as a key partner. Coach Tony listens.

Mr. Kamanzi thanked Art of Conservation for its Sports for Gorillas initiative and building a business for Rwandan adults, such as Coach Tony and requested our continued collaboration. We’ve all ready followed through with writing a letter to the district for the need of more courts which RTF would fund and support.

Wow, see a very beautiful photo at the Ibirunga courts.

Welcome again Bayama and bring more visitors to us!

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