More Ideas From Bunny Come To Life In Rwanda

From Eric and Eusebe
From Eric
From Eusebe

Last weekend during one of our weekend conservation and health education workshops at the Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club, we unveiled our gorilla toss board. The children were amazed to see this new addition to the tennis courts. They wanted to know what the board was about and competed for a photo. Imagine how wonderful it was!

Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club, Art of Conservation 2013Emmanuel, one of our tennis players, has fun looking through the small hole.

The idea of making the mountain gorilla toss board came in the summer of 2012 when Habibu (Moise Habineza) was invited to Wakonda Club in Des Moines, Iowa from Coach Bunny Bruning. Julie and Valerie traveled with Habibu to Des Moines and they all saw Bunny’s toss board. They became very excited at the thought of bringing this idea in Rwanda. Once Habibu, Julie, and Valerie returned to Rwanda they asked us, the AoC artists, to create a board only instead of a clown face paint a face of a mountain gorilla.

Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club, Art of Conservation 2013An assistant coach at Wakonda Club demonstrates how he encourages kids to toss balls for improving eye/hand coordination and strength.

Children received ideas how to use it but were encouraged to make up their own games. We told them that this exercise is very helpful in improving hand/eye coordination and strengthening upper body muscles. After Coach Tony threw the first successful ball through a hole all of the kids began playing realizing it was a little harder than they thought.

Blog-2Children watch Coach Tony as he throws the first ball at the target. Did he aim well? Yes he did!

Coach Bunny, thanks again for your great ideas and kindness. By the way, we’re still waiting for the high altitude tennis balls you donated to arrive in the post!

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