Monday Morning Yoga

From Julie
From Julie

Monday mornings are not the easiest days to jump out of bed, but because of amazing kids and communities we work with it makes it completely worth it! Just our 2nd class meeting with todays 50 boys and girls and the team and I know we are off to a great start. We only wish we could work with more and more kids!

Monday morning at Art of Conservation February 4, 2013Eusebe guides children in partner yoga poses to help build teamwork and trust.

We’ve been inspired by and use Tara Gruber’s Yoga Pretzels. Leah Kalish and Sophie Fatus add wonderful illustrations for the box set of cards.

Monday morning at Art of Conservation February 4, 2013Beautiful teamwork for the ‘boat’ pose.

Years of poverty, civil war, and genocide leaves people with a lack of trust. I think that before we can ask the local communities to really care about the mountain gorillas, their immediate neighbors, or much else we need to help them nurture their own souls. My team took a huge leap in faith when I suggested we practice yoga, breathing, stretching. And do you know what, they have embraced it all. I am so proud of them.

Monday morning at Art of Conservation February 4, 2013Really, who can’t smile at this?

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