With A Bang

From Julie
From Julie

We closed this week of classes with a bang. The local communities we work with are so receptive in having their children enrolled in our conservation and health education program and my team and I are reeling in this symbiotic relationship!

Basic elements of shape at Rushubi A, 4 Feb 2013 Art of ConservationValerie and Eusebe are seen here working with the children forming new shapes with colored wires. Soon they’ll turn their focus outside the classroom to find basic elements of shapes in nature.

Motivating these kids for critical and creative thinking, we present various lessons which help them really open their minds and hearts to new things. They are children, so of course they are ready to go!

Basic elements of shape at Rushubi A, Feb 2013 Art of ConservationOh my gosh, the cuteness and happiness!

Good work team… keep it up!

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