Celebrating Biodiversity: A Video of AoC’s Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser

From Julie

The generous and talented couple, Wendy and Alan Kaplan, offered their time and talent at our recent event in New York. They mixed and mingled with our guests, grabbed quiet moments for conversation, and covered the evening of talks, art on display, music, and celebration of Planet Earth’s glorious biodiversity. Philip Hanes came to our rescue and put the clips together. Thank you very much Wendy, Alan, and Philip!

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 Scenes from Art of Conservation’s Exhibition & Fundraiser at Pratt Institute Manhattan. 22 November 2013

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3 comments on “Celebrating Biodiversity: A Video of AoC’s Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser

  1. Akuredusenge Valerie on said:

    We enjoyed very much watching this video!! I am so happy that the AoC’s work is expanding globally and is getting known at large! Good job to you all who made this event go smoothly! Valerie

  2. Allison Hanes on said:

    Valerie I am glad you like it! We were hoping you could experience part of the night through this video edited by my brother Philip. We really thought of you the whole time, not just during the event but all along the way preparing. We all wish you could have been there and miss you very much! My regards to the whole team. Love, Allison

  3. Nancy Davis-Kessler on said:

    I so enjoyed this! It is such important “work”. Kudo’s to everyone involved….especially my friends Wendy and Alan!

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