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Life Cycles: Ants, Butterflies, Frogs

With plastic life cycle stages of butterflies and ants and a set of evolving tadpoles, we begin today’s lesson.
Life Cycles of an ant. AoC 2010 Rwanda.Our student with a plastic ant. The egg, larva, and pupa are filtering somewhere around the room.

Looking at butterflies from around the world. Art of Conservation, 2010. RwandaKids examine an index of butterflies of the world.

Butterflies, Frogs, Bugs, and Birds by Art of Conservation students. 2010.A drawing collection of evolving tadpoles, frogs, ants, butterflies, plus birds.

Learning the life cycle of a frog-drawing a tadpole. Art of Conservation, 2010. RwandaStudents draw a tadpole with legs.

Drawing a butterfly.  AoC 2010 Rwanda.After learning about the different stages of the butterfly, our student draws an adult butterfly.