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Sports for Gorillas News from Rwanda

From Olivier

Hi, Olivier here with exciting Sports for Gorillas news.
In December, children from our Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club competed in the JUNIOR TENNIS NATIONAL TOURNAMENT at Cercle Sportif de Kigali.
Five clubs participated in the tournament:
1. Cercle Sportif de Kigali
2. Nyarutarama Tennis Club
3. Kanombe Tennis Club
4. Remera Tennis Club
5. Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club
Coach Rachid Nsanzimana and I traveled with seven of our players on the bus to Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali.

Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club kids going to tournament in Kigali. ©Conservation Heritage - TurambeIbirunga Tennis & Running Club players at Cercle Sportif: Bottom row-Marie Claire Uwimbabazi, Emmanuel Twagirayezu, Eurade Ishimwe. Top row- Clementine Uwineza, Jean Bosco Hakorimana, Coach Rachid Nsanzimana, Evariste Nahayo, and Darius Mufasha.

Marie Claire Uwimbabazi has the second place at the national level while Clementine Uwineza has the third place.

Evariste Nahayo is the third while Jean Bosco Hakorimana is the forth at the national level.

Other Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club Team members also played well. After defeating Jean de le Croix Ndahunga from Kanombe Tennis Club 4-0 Darius Mufasha is fifth at the national level while Emmanuel Twagirayezu is sixth after defeating Aimable Nshimiyimana from Cercle Sportif 4-2.

Eurade Ishimwe was beaten, however he played very well.

Thank you very much Art of Conservation for allowing all this to happen. On my side I was respected at both District and National levels because of this tournament.

-Art of Conservation completed seven years of successful conservation programming in Rwanda with the exciting announcement that its local staff has launched their own nonprofit, Conservation Heritage – Turambe (CHT). Turambe means “let us be sustainable” in Kinyarwanda. Please keep up-to-date on more Art of Conservation & Conservation Heritage – Turambe news with our e-newsletter. Simply send us your name and contact information to [email protected] Thank you!-

Thank You Friends! What Would We Do Without You? NYC Part 2

Here is another batch of photos – courtesy of Jason Rearick and Marcus Alexander of Epoch Times – from our special evening with friends at AoC’s Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser in Manhattan.

Thank you again to our sponsors, volunteers, board members, musicians, Pratt faculty, friends and family. A special thanks for new funding offered by the Norman and Bettina Roberts Foundation.

Dave & Lucy at Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser in NYC November 2013Dave and Lucy.

Keynote by Lucy at Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser in NYC November 2013A slide from Dr. Lucy Spelman’s excellent keynote. She asks, “How can we help people feel closer to wild animals the way they feel about their pets?”

Jolie at Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser in NYC November 2013I am so happy to see and talk with my longtime childhood friend Jolie!

Missing CHT at Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser in NYC November 2013Andrew and Allison take time out to reflect on the Conservation Heritage – Turambe team in Rwanda and how much we all miss them.

Julie, Jocelyn, Cheryl. Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser in NYC November 2013I am here with ceramics artist Jocelyn and our fabulous hostess Cheryl.

Tracy & Crystal Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser in NYC November 2013Honorary Board Member Tracy Levine and an extraordinary volunteer, Crystal, share a moment in front of photography on display.

Dalton at Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser in NYC November 2013Another extraordinary volunteer DALTON!

AoC's Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser in New York City November 2013Allison with artist Rodrigo Valles.

AoC's Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser in New York City November 2013Daniel, Scarlett, and Dawn are kind supporters of AoC.

Thanks again everyone for a successful event.

Thank You Friends! What Would We Do Without You? NYC Part 1

Thank you for making our Exhibition & Fundraiser at Pratt Institute Manhattan a very special event.

Sponsors, volunteers, board members, musicians, Pratt faculty, friends and family generated the most positive energy for a common goal to make Earth a more healthy place for all.

Please enjoy the photos below courtesy of Jason Rearick and Marcus Alexander of Epoch Times. Click here for more coverage of the evening at Epoch Times. I wish I had had my camera too but it was so nice to have time with guests. Dr. Lucy Spelman’s keynote was well received with everyone commenting afterward that the one-health concept becomes clearer and clearer all the time and the need for a multidisciplinary approach to conservation is essential. More photos are surfacing, but for now here you go. Be sure not to miss our famous photographer Andrew Walmsley dressed up in his magnificent kilt straight off the plane from Scotland! Thank you again and again from the Art of Conservation team.

AoC's Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser, NYC 2013Allison with Philip Choi and Joseph Canciglia of the Norman and Bettina Roberts Foundation.

Jackie & Julia at AoC's Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser, NYC 2013Jacky and Julia help with auction items and merchandise.

AoC's Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser, NYC 2013A roomful of wonderful friends.

Andrew, Julie, Allison, Cheryl. AoC's Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser, NYC 2013Andrew, Julie, Allison, and Cheryl. Allison and Cheryl did a fabulous job putting together the event!

Musicians Courtney and Benjamin at AoC's Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser, NYC 2013Courtney and Benjamin of Kaiser Kartel play a sampling of music written for AoC.

Musician Rubin Kodheli at AoC's Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser, NYC 2013At the close of the evening we listened to beautiful cello music composed and played by Rubin Kodheli.

Lori Howe at AoC's Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser, NYC 2013Board member Lori Howe viewing and purchasing photos on display.

AoC's Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser in New York City November 2013Allison with Daniel Azarian and Wendy Kaplan.

AoC's Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser in New York City November 2013Exciting auction items!

AoC's Pratt Exhibition & Fundraiser in New York City November 2013Paintings and gift bags!

A successful evening thanks to all.

AoC’s World Premier Short Film at New York Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

From Julie

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Art of Conservation’s Allison Hanes and Cheryl Stockton helped present our World Premier Short Film at New York Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in October. This film was made to share with the public the successful work AoC has been carrying out in Rwanda for over seven years, as well as highlight our present expansion with new initiatives in Guyana, Panama, and other locations this year.

New York Wildlife Conservation Film Festival October 2013

Thank you New York Wildlife Conservation Film Festival for putting together talented compassionate individuals and groups doing amazing conservation work. It helps keep the spark alive being surrounded by the energy of such wonderful people doing such important work.

AoC’s Exhibition & Fundraiser is quickly approaching. Click here and get your tickets today!

For more information and ways to get involved with AoC please email [email protected]

One-Health Conservation At Karanambu

From Julie Ghrist

More on our recent trip to Guyana-

Andrea and Salvador de Caires manage the Karanambu Trust and Eco-tourist Lodge in Guyana, South America. Visitors are spoiled by their delicious garden-to-table snacks and meals, rum punches, and more. Andrea and Salador have lived such interesting lives and bring their experiences to Karanambu so with partners they are making it a perfect example of one-health conservation. What do I mean by one-health? Take a closer look at what goes on at Karanambu every day… research, training, tourism, community development, wildlife rehabilitation, wild & domesticated animal health, human health, water projects, environmental education, partnerships with surrounding eco-lodges and NGO’s, creating sustainable jobs for the local Makushi Ameridian population. And the list is not complete but I think you’ll agree it’s a lot for this off the beaten track enclave in the far interior of the country. One health conservation involves the consideration and practice for saving species by realizing that all living things are connected. There is hardly an aspect at Karanambu that is not being mindfully treated.

Please enjoy the following pictures and meet the special people of Karanambu. Allison, Lucy, and I miss them and look forward to seeing them again.

Andrea de Caires manages Karanambu Lodge. ©Art of Conservation 2013Andrea de Caires and friend Oswin. Oswin is a graduate from Dr. Godfrey Bourne’s CEIBA Biological Center ecology course and an artist.

At Kwaimatta Village with Salvador. ©Art of Conservation 2013Lucy, Salvador, Kwaimatta Primary School headteacher Iris, Diane McTurk, and school teacher. Iris is so pleased to receive a copy of Lucy’s recently published National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia. Click here to order your copy.

Jerry with his camera traps. ©Art of Conservation 2013Gerry Pereira. Gerry, the nicest guy, is everywhere doing everything at Karanambu. Here he is pictured fixing one of his camera traps during our morning hikes.

Jerry at his computer inputing data from his camera traps. ©Art of Conservation 2013Gerry inputing to his already huge database of the biodiversity in the area. He showed me loads of photos of the magnificent animals passing by his numerous camera traps.

Ronica at Karanambu. ©Art of Conservation 2013Ronica. Ronica, another graduate from the ecology course, is a fabulous role-model to her peers in the rural villages. She is making an income and furthering her education while keeping her strong connections with her land.

Getting of the plane. ©Art of Conservation 2013Royal, Marcie, son of Marvin’s, Marvin. Loving care is given to all members of the Karanambu family. Nurse Marcie transports a sick family member back to Karanambu to be close to his loved ones.

Salvador with Nurse Marcie. ©Art of Conservation 2013Marcie and Salvador. Relieved to get a sick family member back to Karanambu, Salvador and Marcie breathe a sigh of relief.

Thank you again Andrea and Salvador for your lovely hospitality.
More to come… classroom activities and animals!

Please go to www.karanambutrustandlodge.org for more information.

More Lessons On How To Stay Healthy

From Julie
From Julie

Late last year, Lori Howe, Ellen Strachota, and Tracy Levine arrived in Rwanda to visit us and with them they brought huge duffle bags filled with dental supplies donated from their friends in Des Moines, Iowa. We just loved it and love them! This week, each student receives their own toothbrush and toothpaste and are incredibly pleased – most likely their first time ever to have such things.

Staying Healthy lessons. Art of Conservation March 2013Upon receiving toothbrushes and paste, these boys closely examine their new gifts.

We discuss the importance of oral hygiene as well as the traditional methods for brushing teeth each day such as using a pointed tip of bamboo or eucalyptus twigs and cloth tied at the end of a twig. All of the students have a chance to sit in front of mirrors and watch themselves as they brush their teeth for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Staying Healthy lessons. Art of Conservation March 2013Eusebe encourages the children to brush gently and thoroughly.

Thank you again Lori, Ellen, and Tracy for bringing us such excellent supplies – they are being put to good use!

Olympian Adrien Niyonshuti Talks With AoC’s Sports Kids

From Valerie

The current news in cycling is all about the superstar Adrien Niyonshuti who carried the Rwandan flag at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Recently, this young man of 25 years visited our Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club. He shared his hopes and beliefs that he can achieve more in his life. The Ibirunga Children’s Tennis Team and Coach Tony asked Adrien questions about what the Olympic games mean and what it is like to represent their country in front of the world. Adrien explained to the children that all kinds of disciplines in sports were presented such as volleyball, basketball, golf, handball, tennis, cyclers, and more. “I was there as a mountain bike rider competitor.” he explained. He said he could go on and on with all that he wanted to share about July’s experience in Europe but he said he could not say it all. What he did stress was that the children should always work hard, stay in school, practice tennis, and teach tennis to their friends, brothers, and sisters so that they carry on when they get older. Adrien fostered in these kids a spirit of being courageous and proud of themselves as well as working very hard for their future lives.

Olympian Adrien Nyionshuti (pictured here at the far right) asked Coach Tony how he made it to where he is today and the struggles he has endured.

Adrien encouraged the children by saying, “If you believe that you can achieve something there is still a chance for you.” Then added that they need to work very hard so that their tennis club may be represented in the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil! The children yelled, “Yes, we will be there!”

None of the children wanted to leave without having Adrien’s signature on a Team Rwanda sticker.

Adrien requested the childrens signatures on the tennis club t-shirt which was a gift to him.

Eusebe (far right) and Coach Tony (far left) did not want Adrien to leave. They will probably find another day to catch up with him!

Team Rwanda’s Abraham Ruhumuriza and his colleagues played a little tennis.

Thank you very much Kimberly for arranging your cyclists to talk with Coach Tony and the children at Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club. Please come back another day.

A group photo with Olympian Adrien Niyonshuti, team mates, and Director of Logistics & Marketing, Kimberly Coats.

Bright Smiles at Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club

Hi. This is Olivier. Rwanda’s children are on break from school for a few weeks as the first term comes to a close. The country also pauses for a moment of reflection in observance of the 1994 Genocide. With permission of Tony, the tennis coach, the AoC team and I are able to use the Ibirunga Tennis & Running Club to teach our Sports for Gorillas program during the school break. Resuming our staying healthy lessons with the group of 20 plus kids, we focus on basic oral health.

Just as the children in our weekday program, the sports kids receive toothbrushes and toothpaste and watch demonstrations and listen to discussions from my team mates. With the newly constructed toilet facilities, there is no need for us to haul jerry cans of drinking water and plastic water basins… we can use the sinks!

Sitting on grass mats at the tennis courts, children listen to the team and I talk about basic oral health.

THEN….. before we could move on to our next lesson… THE RAIN CAME POURING DOWN! As many children as could fit into our truck got the first ride home. Julie returned and took the rest of the happy kids home.

Stay tuned!!!

Our Health is Important for Gorilla Health

Hi, Valerie here with another lesson on staying healthy. Children listen as I read aloud, Wash your body, ears, and teeth every day. Our discussion covers a lot of information that our students really need. That is why we also bring a number of materials to help our students understand better. Some of the materials are what a student may find in their local health clinic! We remind them that we are teachers, not doctors, and our objective is to introduce to them some of the items found in their health clinic so they can feel comfortable in case they would get sick and have to go to a clinic. Gloves, masks, gauze, cleaning solutions for minor cuts, ointment for bugs bites and poison ivy, topical antibiotics, female sanitary products, and more. And guess what? We of course have a large tooth model for our children to see up close before we teach them how to properly brush their teeth!

Wash your body, ears, and teeth every day.  Valerie teaching.  Art of Conservation 2012After demonstrating how to properly brush my teeth, I remind our students to spit out the toothpaste after use instead of swallowing it! This is what our big red plastic basin is for today.

Nyange B, Class 6.  Valerie with students brushing their teeth.  Art of Conservation 2012Looking at themselves in mirrors, our students have fun brushing their teeth!

After each student takes turn brushing his/her teeth, we ask the children if they will stop brushing their teeth in case they run out of a toothpaste and toothbrush – oyaaa! – meaning – no – and gosh! Some of them already know how to use the leaves of a plant locally known as “umuhwahura” which is an alternative to the modern tools and easy to obtain! We discuss with them about more traditional alternatives like a twig of a tree sharpened on one end and chewed on the other to serve as both toothpick and toothbrush. As a result, we come up with an agreement that there is no reason at all of not brushing our teeth because we want to have good oral hygiene to stay healthy!

Rushubi B, Class 6, 27 February 2012.  Art of Conservation 2012With pleasure, each of our students goes home with a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush.

More coming soon.

Keeping People and Gorillas Healthy

In our effort to help curb respiratory infections in local communities near Volcanoes National Park we teach our students daily hygiene practices to stop the spread of germs. Following the Germy Wormy exercise in which children have flour in their hands imitating as germs and then coughing and sneezing in the air and their hands, they begin touching and passing around every day objects. The flour shows clearly that germs are everywhere.

Valerie watches as Innocent and a student act out the passing of germs by handling every day objects such as a phone and by shaking hands.

STOP Spreading Germs.  Art of Conservation 2012A student imitates the spread of germs by putting every day objects such as a pencil near to her mouth which she received from someone who just coughed into their hands.

So how do we avoid spreading germs? Our rule number 1 on our Staying Healthy banner says cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze.

STOP spreading germs.  Art of Conservation 2012Covering his mouth when he coughs with the inside of his elbow, our students provides a wonderful example for the rest to see.